Forage analysis with NIR field spectrometer

Field portable NIR spectrometers can bring the benefits of NIR analysis to the field/farm for better testing in real-time, on-site.

With a field portable NIR spectrometer from Spectral Evolution, for example a full range 350-2500nm PSR-3500 spectroradiometer, or a PSR-1100 spectroradiometer with a 350-1100nm spectral range, substantial daily variability in dry matter content (DM), crude protein, starch, acid detergent fibre (ADF), neutral detergent fibre (NDF), crude fat, and ash can be analysed.

For both the producer and user, this information can lead to a better mix, or total mixed ration, that will result in more efficient feeding and healthier dairy cattle and other livestock.

The importance of high quality forage (hay, haylage, silage, straw, fodder, and pasture) can’t be overestimated. For example, the drought in 2012 highlighted the problems of drought-stressed forage both at harvesting and when fed to livestock. Proper balancing of this forage with supplemental feed was crucial to keeping livestock healthy.

Field portable NIR spectroradiometers from Spectral Evolution can deliver the following advantages to producers and users of forage:

* Samples taken directly in the field or at the silo for greater accuracy;

* Real-time results and the ability to do spot testing;

* No sample prep, no shipment to the lab, no waiting for results;

* Track forage trends and plan for additional supplement use;

* Save scans as ASCII files for use with chemometrics programs for additional analyses;

* With the PSR-3500 and EZ-ID, build your own custom library that applies to your vendors, conditions, and animals.

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