Flash point testing

16th September 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

Flash point testing is performed in a wide range of industries to assist the rapid classification of potentially hazardous substances. Storage, transport and disposal charges are based on the flammability of the product and hazard classification is a legal requirement to warn of potential risk and to ensure correct handling precautions are taken.

Setaflash small scale test methods include ASTM D3828, D3278, ISO3679 and many others which are very widely specified and offer unique advantages over many traditional flash point tests, user benefits include small sample size, rapid test time and ease of use.

The Setaflash method determines whether a sample will or will not flash at a specified temperature typically using method EN ISO 3680-A, whilst for testing unknown samples method EN ISO 3679-B is widely used. For example, testing flash point and ensuring the correct classification and labelling of chemicals ensures compliance with CLP (Classification, Packaging and Labelling of dangerous substances and preparation regulation) EN No 1272/2008, an EU regulation implemented by the UN.

The new range of Setaflash Series 3 instruments make flash point testing something that even those with minimum operator experience  can quickly and reliable perform.  Compact and ruggedly designed, the instruments are suitable for laboratory or portable tests and ideal for use where space is limited.

The new instrument features a very simple user interface with colour digital display and touch screen icons which guide the operator through a straightforward testing process. Using Stanhope-Seta’s latest technology, a test typically takes less than two minutes to perform requiring just 2ml of test sample which keeps wastage and costs to a minimum.

For easy record keeping the instrument has a 1GB memory which stores up to 100,000 test results, these can be transferred via a USB for data analysis or printing from a computer.

The new Setaflash instruments are designed to provide users with a cost-effective and simple way to perform flash points tests in-house, avoiding the expense and delay of outsourcing this service.





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