Undercounter refrigerators with redundant cooling

Clinical and laboratory personnel with the need to store vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other molecular or biological samples safely can benefit from a new series of lab-grade undercounter refrigerators.

These are designed to minimise energy usage and noise, while maintaining high levels of performance and maximising storage capacity.

As the only current lab-grade undercounter refrigerators using thermoelectric devices in place of compressor technology for variable speed control, Thermo Scientific TSX505 Series regulate their internal temperatures more effectively to provide ideal storage conditions for the most demanding applications.

Powered by compressor-free V-Drive technology, featuring synchronised temperature management (STeM), internal conditions are actively monitored and maintained at the desired temperature.

This includes constant monitoring of, and adjustments during, door-openings to minimise the negative impact of temperature fluctuations on samples.

In combination, V-Drive and STeM provide uninterrupted temperature stability and uniformity throughout the internal chamber.

Furthermore, the new TSX505 refrigerators consume up to 37% less energy than other models, translating to an average annual cost reduction of up to 30%.

The compressor-less technology of the TSX 505 refrigerator also overcomes the common challenge of ‘humming’ experienced with many lab-grade refrigerators through its whisper-quiet operation at just 35 dBA. This means that the unit can be kept in work areas without disturbing personnel or nearby patients.  In addition, with no internal protrusions, such as overhead fans, users can benefit from up to double the storage space compared to similar models.

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