Electronic micropipette - new model release from Socorex

The new Acura® electro is making electronic pipetting more versatile, simpler and safer than ever.
Extended range includes seven micro models (0.1 to 1000 µL), three macropipettes (0.1 - 10 mL) and eight multichannel instruments (0.1 to 350 µL).

Intuitive control software avoids any complicated programming steps. Only 4 keys for quick access to Forward - Reverse - Stepper - Dilute - Tactile and Mixing working modes. The new Tactile mode simplifies gel loading and makes titration possible using a micropipette.

Working ergonomics and hand comfort lead to outstanding pipetting results. Display information reversible for right or left side reading. Efficient tip ejection obtained with a patented height adjustable mechanism. NiMH battery pack is exchangeable and / or charged right-away. Battery charge level clearly visible on display. Automatic energy saving stand-by when pipette remains unused. The Acura® electro 926 micro model supplied with a reduced shaft length which care for superior drivability.

Autoclavable at 121°C, each of the 27 different volumetric modules (lower assembly) is interchangeable on one control unit (upper assembly). Instrument calibration over two or three points is easily performed on the keyboard.

Each Acura® electro is supplied either as initial package or pipette alone. The price advantageous initial package contains one electronic pipette, QC certificate, operating instructions, charging stand, power supply, additional battery pack and Qualitips® pipette tips samples. It is the recommended choice when purchasing an Acura® electro for the first time as all charging accessories are included, allowing user to start working right away.

Thereafter, when purchase of additional Acura® electro pipettes become necessary, it is more rational to choose the pipette alone and have it charged on existing station. This flexibility makes the purchase of the Socorex instrument attractive to all budgets.

Instrument conforms to CE safety guidelines, to EN ISO 8655 and other international standard requirements. Both instrument and charging devices are free of hazardous compounds (RoHS). Two-year warranty.

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