Electronic pipette case study

A leading UK supplier of early-stage drug discovery and development process services has improved the consistency and efficiency of its assays using Viaflo II pipettes and a Viaflo Assist from Integra. By mounting a Viaflo II electronic pipette on the Viaflo Assist, the pipette’s protocols can be carried out fully automatically.

A senior scientist at the UK organisation commented: “Our lab is extremely satisfied with the decision we made to purchase and incorporate Integra’s Viaflo II multichannel pipettes and the Viaflo Assist pipetting assistant into our daily work. We use the assistant for automated multichannel pipetting applications including serial dilutions for a variety of assays such as ELISAs and proliferation assays. For assays in which repeat dispensing is needed, the assistant is also used for preparation of assay plates”. She added: “Our lab also has a robotic system, but for lower number of plates the assistant is preferred because its set up is very quick. Overall the consistency of assays has been improved due to the use of the new pipettes and the automated pipetting capabilities of the assistant. Because the assistant is easy to use, more people within our lab are integrating it into their daily work routines. It has also helped us to improve efficiency, for example when we perform sandwich ELISAs. While one plate is being coated with antibody or buffer, another plate can be washed on a plate washer, so that these different tasks can be done in parallel.” 

Multichannel pipettes are a valuable tool for laboratories working with microplates. However, prolonged and repetitive pipetting sessions pose the risk of strain and fatigue, which can result in repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and less reproducible results. The assistant together with the electronic pipettes form the perfect partnership to prevent users from getting RSI and to significantly increase the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition. By mounting an electronic pipette on the assistant, the pipette’s protocols can be carried out fully automatically.

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