Digital pathology partnership

Olympus and Grundium are collaborating to combine their expertise in microscopy optics and digital imaging to benefit pathology. Grundium has incorporated Olympus’ X Line objectives into its Ocus portable single slide scanners to enable convenient creation and sharing of high-quality digital slides. The combined solution brings flexibility and reliability to pathologists’ remote consultations. In addition, as part of the partnership, Olympus now offers the Ocus product line with integrated X Line objectives across Europe and North America.

Consultation and collaboration with colleagues have always been important aspects of pathology. Now, with telework on the rise, pathologists require agile solutions enabling them to share their slides, without concerns about image quality or cumbersome methods.   

With the addition of Grundium’ Ocus single slide scanners, Olympus expands its range of digital pathology solutions. A cost-effective telepathology instrument, Ocus scanners accelerate workflows for applications requiring peer consultation, including intraoperative frozen section review, Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) and second opinions. Pathologists can use the Ocus scanner’s high portability and wireless connectivity to rapidly scan and share slides from any location. This flexibility enables experts to immediately evaluate samples remotely.

Integrated into Ocus scanners, X Line objectives’ advanced optical performance optimises the quality of the digital slides produced. Offering a high numerical aperture (NA), improved image flatness, and a wide chromatic correction range, X Line objectives provide the brightness, resolution, and color accuracy that pathology requires.

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