DEFRA approval for animal by-product testing

22nd January 2018

Eurofins Food Testing UK has received approval from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the testing of animal by-products (ABP).
The approval comes after the company achieved UKAS accreditation for testing under the Animal By-Product Regulations (ABPR) and vastly increases capability at its Grimsby laboratory.
As an approved laboratory, the facility is now accredited to test for Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Clostridium perfringens and E. coli, offering the greatest range of commercial testing under the ABPR.
Chris Hudson, Head of Microbiology, said: “This approval and accreditation places us second-only to the Government’s own lab in the scope of what we can offer with ABP testing and will position us as the prime lab of choice in the commercial world.”
Animal By-Products can be found in a multitude of items across a number of industry sectors, such as pet foods, animal feed, blood and milk processing, anaerobic digesters for producing methane for electricity, fertilisers, biodiesel plants, and landfill sites, with microbiological testing ensuring the safety of those products. Any failures are reported under the requirements of the regulations.
Additionally, the lab can now offer accredited testing for Government-backed schemes such as the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme, ensuring animal feed stuffs are contaminant-free, and PAS 100, ensuring the safety of composted materials.
Hudson added: “Ironically the laws surrounding animal feeding stuffs are arguably more stringent from a contaminants perspective than those of human foodstuffs. We’re therefore really proud to have achieved approved status for our testing under the ABPR, which has now also been accredited as meeting the highest possible standards.”





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