Complete homogenization of complex samples

The diversity of foodstuffs with their often very different properties represents a real challenge for food testing laboratories. Before the actual analysis can take place, the sample materials – which can vary strongly with regards to hardness and moisture – need to be homogenized and reduced to a sufficiently small particle size.

Retsch’s Grindomix knife mills are the ideal tools to meet the complete requirements of the sample preparation of food. Both instruments are ideal for homogenizing substances with a high water, oil or fat content as well as grinding dry, soft and medium-hard products.

The Retsch GM200 can process sample volumes up to 0.7 litres with its two sharp, robust blades and a powerful motor whilst the more powerful Retsch GM 300 can process sample volumes up to 4.5 litres with its four sharp, robust blades and a powerful motor that can reach temporary peaks of 3kW.

Both the GM200 and GM300 can be used for a wide variety of applications including sweets, cereals, cheese, coated tablets, cocoa nibs, deep-frozen products, dietary supplements, dried and fresh fruit, feed pellets, fish, ham, lettuce, meat and nuts.

Click here to download a report on the complete homogenization of complex samples.

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