Particle size and shape analysis

With an estimated 1.4 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide every day there is a great and ever increasing demand for coffee beans in the global market. The taste of coffee is influenced by the roasting of the beans, their degree of grinding and the method and quality of the preparation. Different types of preparation by brewing and filtering (eg, espresso machine, filter coffee or mocha) require different grinding degrees of the coffee powder to obtain an aromatic result. When roasted beans are ground to powder, the determination of the particle size is a critical aspect because the particle size influences the brewing and filtering properties and thus the taste and salubriousness of the coffee. 

The Retsch Technology Camsizer XT can analyse the foodstuffs that typically come in many different forms of appearance such as powders, crystals, granulates or suspensions. The Camsizer XT is based on Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA),  a modern high-performance method for the characterisation of particle size and shape of powders, granules and suspensions. DIA is used in many industries for quality control as well as in research & development and is increasingly replacing more established methods such as laser diffraction or sieve analysis. 

Click here for more information on the performance of the Camsizer XT in analysing the particle size and shape of coffee power.  


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