Colour palette for macaroons

Barry Callebaut's IBC brand, specialising in colour and printing technology for food applications, presents newt colouring for macaroons, in accordance with European legislation on food additives (EC) N° 13333/2008.

The Power Flowers assortment is solely made from tempered cocoa butter and 40% colouring agents and is available in the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and white. By simply combining the different Power Flowers, chefs can create the exact colour they desire, time after time.

IBC has already developed the formula for a full colour palette of 13 popular macaroon colours. This set is fully compliant with the current and new upcoming European legislation on food additives.

The new technique enables chefs to start colouring immediately. Power Flowers are easy to use and can be measured with more precision than liquid and powder colorants: simply cut off and add pieces of different coloured Power Flowers to reach the desired colour or tone in only a matter of seconds. And because the colouring agent (powder) is contained in the Power Flowers, there will be no powder floating around while colouring, ensuring an absolute spotless kitchen that serves as the ideal background for every chef's creativity. 

There is an increasing interest in the use of food dyes that stem from natural origin. IBC reacts to this trend by introducing two brand new dyes: blue spiruline and beetroot red. Together with the already existing primary colours, chefs can create nice blue, green, violet, pink and even red macaroons without overruling legislation. 

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