Cables for cleanrooms

For manufacturing processes in hygiene-sensitive industries, a particularly low-contaminate environment and technical cleanliness must be ensured. The Flatveyor flat cable system is designed especially for the high requirements of the semiconductor, medical technology, biosciences and pharmaceutical industries. The “free-standing” flat cable system is based on the progressive cable carrier technology from Kabelschlepp Metool.

The Flatveyor is a flat cable system in accordance with ISO cleanroom class 2 which, for example, can be used in the manufacturing of infusion bags or in laboratory sorting systems. The wide temperature range from -10°C to 80°C additionally expands the area of application. The internal support elements allow travel lengths of up to 3m and speeds of up to 2m per second. The support elements act as reliable guides which can be moved in one direction along the intended bending radius, ensuring reliable guiding of cables and hoses. For smooth running, the system moves along the minimum bending radius of the cables, while a small pitch reduces noise and vibrations during operation. This results in a noise level below 38 dB(A). The independent structure prevents the breaking of cables and hoses. The design is particularly space saving and lightweight; the system can easily be integrated into systems. Overall, this solution allows for reduced dust and noise generation in cleanrooms, contributing to lowering total costs.

Flat cable systems are often used in cleanrooms because they cause almost no unwanted contaminates and dust. These solutions, however, cause problems such as sagging or unwanted movements, in particular for travel lengths over 500 mm. Not so with the Flatveyor: the high-performance cable system is based on innovative cable carrier technology and experience and can therefore master the challenges in cleanrooms.

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