Automated plate handler

Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) announces the launch of its S-LAB automated plate handler.

S-LAB is an easy-to-use, compact, and affordable single instrument loading solution, with the same reliability as a robotic arm.

Automation can often be costly and difficult for laboratories looking to upscale workflows.

Robotic arms, while reliable, are expensive, large, and require complicated installations.

On the other hand, many cheaper, smaller plate handlers lack the same level of reliability, especially when dealing with lidded plates.

Recognising this challenge, PAA developed S-LAB to bridge the gap and make automation more accessible.

Compatible with a wide variety of bench top instruments, the S-LAB easily fits standard lab benches and most safety cabinets, delivering reliable automation that accommodates varying workflows and lab space, without stretching budgets.

An on-board camera system enables easy instrument alignment and verification and there is no requirement for a separate PC thanks to an embedded controller and software.

S-LAB is easily controlled via a smart, web-based application with a simple, intuitive user interface that can be run on any device - including a smartphone.

S-LAB also boasts efficient and reliable handling of lidded microplates - essential for sterile cell-based assays. S-LAB’s capacity is up to 100 unlidded/80 lidded plates and can handle most standard and deep well microplates. There is also an optional barcode reader, compatible with industry standard formats.

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