Automated chromatography platform

PerkinElmer has launched the GC 2400 platform, an advanced, automated gas chromatography (GC), headspace sampler and GC/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) solution designed to help lab teams simplify lab operations, drive precise results and perform more flexible monitoring.

Created with productivity in mind for pharmaceutical, food, environmental and industrial analyses, the new platform brings together systems, software and a wide range of columns and consumables to meet customers’ varied workflow needs.

For high throughput lab environments and complex applications, the GC automated sampling capabilities reduces hands-on time and human error, and the automated headspace/pneumatics technology delivers superior precision.

Monitoring single or multiple GC 2400 systems – inside or outside the lab – is simple, using the wireless, touchscreen tablet interface running the Simplicity Vision app. 

The platform’s icon-driven, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant SimplicityChrom chromatography data system (CDS) software reduces user training and guides teams through their entire GC workflow. The software interface is also customisable to address user’s unique data, notification and diagnostic needs.

With sustainability and safety in mind, built in sensors and a software-driven gas saver mode reduce operational gas consumption and support carrier gas alternatives such as hydrogen.

Commenting on the new offering, Suneet Chadha, VP and GM of Applied and Food Markets at PerkinElmer, said, “Today’s labs want their analytical workflows to command less time, attention and resources. Our new, automated GC 2400 platform allows teams at any expertise level to better manage and monitor their GC analyses from sample through result so they can focus on high-value activities in their labs and businesses.”  

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