Advanced autosampler

HTA has announced the release of HT1200I, an ICP autosampler featuring support for closed sample tubes.

The support to sealed samples and reagent tubes offers the definitive solution to corrosion and bad smell that represent very common issues when working with ICP reagents. The usage of sealed tubes helps to reduce the amount of chemical vapours in the environment: that positive effect considerably improves the quality of lab air and increases also the lifetime of any object that could be affected by corrosion phenomena. Furthermore the support of sealed sample/solvent tubes allows to avoid the purchase of autosampler enclosures that are bulky and imply an important extra-cost.

HT1200I represents the ideal solution for high throughput labs; its layout includes three sample racks for a remarkable total capacity: up to 180x10ml sample tubes, plus 9x50ml solvent vessels can be accommodated within HT1200I carousel. Conventional tube racks are supported to accommodate a wide range of standard sample tubes, but it doesn't end there either. For maximum flexibility, custom racks can in fact be integrated to support even custom sample vessels and mixed rack configuration can be included to fit any need.

Generally speaking, high capacity goes hand in hand with bulky footprint. Forget this juxtaposition with HT1200I: its unique design minimizes bench space occupation making HT1200I the autosampler that features the highest sample capacity per bench linear metre occupation.

Other benefits characterise HT1200I: the modern electronics, the straight forward process and the short flow path that minimises the rinse time and the analyser consumable consumption. 

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