NYT Autosampler

PS-2X Microfluidic Plate Sampler Overview: The wellplate(s) or sample tubes are mounted in the work area. The dispensing needle is moved to and into the correct cell with easily remembered instructions. The command syntax for Windows Hyperterminal, National Instrument's LabView or any other programming language is simple and concise. Examples: 1home, 1cell 83, 1cell c4, 1wash, 1up, 1down, 1UserDefinedName (30) ...

The PS-2X listens "quietly" on an RS485 daisy chain for properly formatted PS-2X commands. GlobalFIA milliGAT pumps, syringe pumps, valve (s) and temperature controller commands are ignored. When a valid command has been received and executed, the PS-2X acknowledges completion with an "ok".

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