Collection and visualisation of medical appliance data

The new Dometic Monitoring Software is a universal software package for data collection and visualisation of medical appliances.

In combination with a standard RS-485-Interface and a personal computer, the monitoring software is used for the long term recording and controlling of temperature levels, alarms and other parameters and cross-linking of up to 320 devices.

The temperature level documentation function is extended through an event- and activity-history recorder.

The integrated export function allows the package, for example, to import data into Excel tables.

The software is available in German, English and French.

Dometic says that by using a PT 100 and a serial transmitter, it is therefore possible to supervise the temperature levels of older models and even non-Dometic products, which have no integrated surveillance system.

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Dometic S.àr.l. is based in Hosingen, Luxembourg.

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