Custom Yeast two-hybrid screens for protein interactions

The yeast two-hybrid system has become an increasingly important tool to identify and map novel protein-protein interactions.

Yet, many researchers do not wish to burden themselves with setting up a yeast facility and working out the intricacies of yeast two-hybrid screening.

Here, Dualsystems Biotech offers a solution: custom yeast two-hybrid screens only require the researcher to supply a bait to be screened and to choose a cDNA library of interest. Bait construction, expression tests, pilot screens and ultimately, screening of the cDNA library and subsequent analysis of the interactors is carried out by us. Within 3­4 months the customer will receive the results of a complete yeasttwo-hybrid screen, including sequences and plasmids of all interactors.

For researchers working with proteins that are unsuitable for yeast two-hybrid screens, such as integral membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins, Dualsystems offers another solution: our proprietary DUALmembrane system can be used to screen such proteins for novel interaction partners.

The advantages are obvious:full-length proteins can be screened and interactions are detected in their natural setting, the membrane. The DUALmembrane system is offered both as a custom service and as a kit containing all necessary plasmids and strains to carry out a DUALmembrane screen in your lab.

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Dualsystems Biotech AG is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

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