Centrifugation cell preparation system

The Cytocentrifuge-Cytospin 4 is a versatile processing system suitable for use in the fields of immunohistochemistry, fluorescence and in-situ hybridisation, in vitro chemosensitivity and rapid viral testing.

The Cytospin uses centrifugation to separate and deposit a thin-layer of cells/microorganisms into a clearly-defined area on a microscope slide or into a tissue cassette, while maintaining cell integrity. It provides many safety barriers to protect the user from potential aerosols and harmful pathogens.

Options include the ability to concentrate cells or microorganisms into well-defined areas of a microscope slide through a variety of disposable Cytofunnel sample chambers. Material can be deposited into 4, 6, 12 x 6, or 21 x 14mm areas or directly into a tissue cassette for tissue processing. Material can also be deposited onto a slide via an 8-well microtitre strip for assay and staining applications. The optimisation of hypocellular fluids, working with specimen volumes ranging from 0.01 to 6ml, and the ability to present one to eight samples per slide are other advantages that come from Cytospin prepared slides.

Cytology, microbiology, histology, hematology, EM, molecular pathology, IHC, genetics, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical, research, are some of the disciplines that benefit from total cell preparation system systems. u


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