New Starna DMV Bio Cell

The new Starna DMV-Bio Cell

Low volume applications just got easier

The new Starna Demountable Micro-Volume (DMV) Bio Cell uses advanced precision micro-machining techniques and materials to produce a patented  high energy throughput, ultra low volume (<2.5 µl), direct sampling solution for life science samples.

By providing minimal energy reduction the new DMV-Bio Cell design ensures that sufficient optical energy is available to measure low volume samples accurately across a wide absorbance range. This is an important benefit to scientists who require accuracy and precision.

Incorporating this simple optical transmission path allows the DMV-Bio Cell to be used in most UV-Visible spectrophotometers without compromise for the determination of nucleic acids or proteins.

The Starna DMV-Bio Cell utilises a magnetic closure mechanism which facilitates rapid filling/emptying plus easy cleaning of the cell, to prevent carryover and for ultimate convenience.

Available in 0.5, 0.2 and 0.125 mm path lengths, the accuracy of the DMV-Bio Cell may be validated using a specially formulated variant of the Starna Green Certified Reference Material (CRM). In addition, for technicians working with DNA materials and who require confidence in their analysis, Starna offer the DNACON 260/280 CRM which is formulated to match the capabilities of the DMV-Bio Cell.

The new Starna DMV-Bio Cell with its range of path lengths provides accurate and reproducible measurements on existing spectrophotometers, using sample volumes down to 0.6 µl across a wide range of concentrations.

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