Density kit and PW analytical balance

4th March 2013

Scientists know that accurately determining the density of a substance is critical in the research process. Pairing a density kit with an analytical balance helps them reliably and precisely find a material’s density.
Traditionally, density determination required measuring the sample material: figuring out the volume, weighing the sample, dividing volume by mass, and finally coming up with the density. The process is complicated, tedious and even inaccurate.
Testing of solids and liquids is possible using the density kit, which is installed on the balance’s weighing chamber floor.
The kit’s beaker holds the reference liquid and may be reused to test many samples. The user selects the density application from the built-in menu options. If a reference liquid is used other than what is already programmed into the balance, the user enters that reference liquid’s density. The application guides the user through the process: weigh the sample in air using the sample cup on top of the stand, then in the reference liquid using the sample cup suspended on the wire. The balance software calculates the density automatically.
The density kit contains a glass beaker, suspended weighing cradle to replace the standard pan, independent support for the beaker of fluid, thermometer with clip for suspension in the fluid and glass sinker of known volume for determination of fluid density.
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