Productive SPE sample preparation

1st April 2013

The MaxiLute solid phase extraction (SPE) system from Porvair Sciences is fully compatible with automated liquid handling and robotic devices providing considerable productivity benefits.

The MaxiLute is a novel 48-well SPE microplate system that offers significant advantages for laboratories currently using SPE cartridges.  The MaxiLute offers the capability to process up to 200ml of sample in one go repeatedly and precisely.  

Each well on the MaxiLute has an individual drain spout ensuring 100 per cent sample transfer and zero cross over contamination. Constructed from a single piece of moulded high quality plastic - the MaxiLute will not bend or distort because individual SPE cartridges do not have to be repeatedly plugged in and out.

The MaxiLute solid phase extraction microplate system from Porvair Sciences offers unmatched optimised processing of drug development, food and environmental samples.

Available with a wide range of proprietary high performance Porvair sorbents in addition to accommodating a choice of sorbents from other manufacturers, MaxiLute offers the flexibility to be packed to perform optimally for almost any SPE application.  

Supplying a complete methods development product that you don't have to construct yourself means valuable laboratory time is saved in the sample preparation process.

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