Acid resistant evaporator

1st April 2013

The Genevac EZ-2 Series is centrifugal evaporator for QA and research labs for concentration of samples or complete drying.

The EZ-2 HCl evaporator uses inert and corrosion proof materials to enable it to withstand high concentrations of up to 12 molar hydrochloric acid and other acid chlorides.  

These can be routinely removed from samples without any loss of performance or long-term deterioration in the system.   

Acid resistant components in the EZ-2 HCl include a PTFE coated evaporation chamber, a glass condenser and all metallic parts coming into contact with removed solvent manufactured from and acid resistant Hasteloy C steel.

The design of the EZ-2 HCl presents real advantages for all chemists faced with removing both regular solvents and strongly acidic chemicals.

Intuitive controls and large LCD display provide ease of use comparable to a typical rotary evaporator yet the EZ-2 HCl can process many more samples per unit time.

Smart evaporator software provides true walk-away automation so simple and sample safe that anyone can use it with confidence. The proprietary pump technology combined with a visible glass condenser trap and easy access solvent drain valve make the EZ-2 HCl probably the most compact and reliable acid resistant sample evaporator available.

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