New Magnetic Beads Enable Faster Protocols

AMSBIO has announced a new range of MagSi magnetic beads that incorporate a novel ferro fluid to combine the advantages of small beads and large surface with the magnetic performance and strength of larger beads.

While the new High Magnetic Content (HMC) beads typically offer 4-6 times faster separation than competitive products they also offer a perfect solution for replacing other brands such as Dynabeads® - without major changes in protocols or handling. Other advantages of MagSi beads with new HMC technology include higher yields especially in assays with complex binding kinetics, faster protocols can be used even in highly viscous solvents and samples, and they offer better reproducibility.

The MagSi bead range covers most of the application areas in genomics and proteomics. The products are proven in low, medium and high throughput protocols. The MagSi particles are high quality magnetic beads with unique surface and physical properties. MagSi products have a proven track record for manual use and many robotic platforms (Beckmann® , Tecan®, IDS®, Xyril®, Stratek®, Hamilton®, Roche® and others).

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