Universal HPLC Detector Offers near Nanogram Sensitivity

Available from Dorton Analytical (www.dortonanalytical.co.uk) the ultra-sensitive, universal Nano Quantity Analyte Detector (NQADTM) presents a major advancement in high performance liquid chromatography detection capability.

The NQADTM Nano Quantity Analyte Detector is a new and completely different kind of aerosol-based detector for HPLC. Based on Condensation Nucleation (CNLSD) technology, the NQAD offers the ability to detect sub-nanogram levels. Benefiting from ultra-high sensitivity the detector is ideal for searching for drug impurities, degradation products, excipients and when industrial hygiene is a concern. Both previously easy and hard-to-measure compounds can be quantified accurately with minimal sample preparation.

The NQAD detector also offers a wide dynamic range with superior linearity when compared to other aerosol-based detectors. The detection of the NQAD detector is near universal for compounds that are less volatile than the mobile phase. Chromophores and fluorophores are not needed for detection, thereby eliminating or decreasing the need for compound derivatization. The detector is optimized for use in UHPLC, HPLC and SFC. Easy to install and operate, with one of the smallest footprints available the NQADTM is ideal for use in any laboratory.

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