High quality copper for precise determinations

Exeter Analytical is a leading supplier of high quality Copper (Cu) for determination of nitrogen/protein in food and agricultural materials using the Dumas method.

The quality of copper used in the reduction process employed by Dumas analyzers is widely acknowledged to critically affect the precision of Nitrogen/Protein determination. A common manufacturing method of producing Copper, for use in nitrogen/protein determinations, is to reduce copper oxide using hydrogen. 

A program of research and development has enabled Exeter Analytical to develop a process for consistently producing high quality Copper with a very high porous active surface area. In tests, high quality Copper from Exeter Analytical has been proven to improve the precision of Nitrogen / Protein determinations and also to offer longer operational life compared to material available from other sources.

Investment in automating Copper production ensures batch to batch consistency and enables the reagent to be available at competitive prices.  All Exeter Analytical high quality Copper is packed under Argon to ensure long shelf life.  Copper is available in quantities from single bottle to large OEM quantities. 

As a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis, Exeter Analytical's 25 years of involvement with instruments, consumables and supplies has allowed them to better understand the whole problem facing microanalysts.  As a consequence whether you are a regular or an occasional purchaser, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available to provide technical advice. 
For further information on high purity Copper for Nitrogen/protein determinations please contact Exeter Analytical on +1-978-251-1411 (+44-2476-323223 in Europe) or email sales@eai1.com (info@exeteranalytical.co.uk in Europe).

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