Concentrating environmental samples

For environmental laboratories it is of great benefit to concentrate samples prior to analysis to help accurately determine levels of analyte in a given sample.

Genevac's proprietary SampleGenie flask technology has been developed to help scientists eliminate handling of samples by concentrating samples, without loss of volatile components, directly into a small GC or HPLC vial.

SampleGenie technology enables samples in Genevac ROCKETTM, EZ-2 or HT-series centrifugal evaporators to be concentrated directly into a single vial, eliminating the need for reformatting of samples after drying. This, and the automation offered by every Genevac evaporator system helps users to deliver uniform results every time - increasing productivity in environmental analysis.

A series of technical papers demonstrating the advantages and benefits that SampleGenie technology offers to environmental laboratories may be downloaded from

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