Automation analysis with the Pentra 400

HORIBA Medical introduces the ABX Pentra 400 chemistry analyser for specialist bench top analysis, wherever it is required. Incorporating high quality patented technologies from parent company, HORIBA Group, the ABX Pentra 400 can undertake many different assays, based on liquid chemistries, on a single workstation.

Offering high-precision chemistry analysis with back-up options for 55 on-board parameters at a rate of up to 420 tests per hour, the ABX Pentra 400 is suitable for a wide range of specialist chemistry applications. It also incorporates a highly reliable ISE module and as an open system, this enables researchers and technicians to adapt this versatile analyser to their own particular needs.

Found in sports science, clinical research, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical laboratories, the ABX Pentra 400 is extremely user friendly with a touch screen user interface and intuitive software. All operations are controlled on the single screen, allowing real-time viewing of system, reagents and sample status. The system also minimises operator time with automatic rapid start up, whilst the refrigerated, integrated reagent compartment ensures complete reagent stability to extend intervals between calibrations.

This versatile analyser can be intuitively used by a number of different personnel as required, which is ideal for many analytical laboratories and research environments. With the highly reliable ISE module, the test repertoire of the system is optimal, making the system suitable for both routine and urgent sample analysis. Additionally, the ABX Pentra 400 automatically manages and monitors all calibrations, data back-up and reagent expiry dates. The system retains all calibration data and reaction plots for results validation.

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