Application software for LC/MS portfolio

1st April 2013

Agilent Technologies has introduced new application software for its 6000 Series portfolio of liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC/MS) systems.

The MassHunter profiling software, MassHunter Bioconfirmation software, and upgraded Spectrum Mill for MassHunter Workstation improve the productivity and throughput of diverse molecular profiling applications, protein identification and quantitation, peptide/protein confirmation and characterisation, and metabolomics.

“Customers want valid answers to complex questions with high reproducibility in less time than it takes them today,” said Rick Carberry, LC/MS senior director of marketing. “Starting with superior experiment result data from Agilent’s sample prep, separations and LC/MS products, these application software packages produce consistently better insights much faster.”

Mass profiling uses MS data to reveal relevant differences between samples in order to flag these differences for further analysis and identification with MS/MS.

0Scientists use mass profiling to compare the expression of peptides, proteins or metabolites for biomarker discovery in different samples (eg, healthy versus diseased cells or plasma); to detect pharmaceutical impurities; or to analyse samples for targeted compounds such as pesticides or narcotics.

The Agilent 6210 TOF and 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS and 6510 Q-TOF systems employ intelligent algorithms that can identify all the detectable components or molecular features in accurate mass LC/MS data.

These algorithms generate feature lists that include retention time, neutral mass and abundance data, where all of the related ions of a molecular feature are grouped together (isotopes, charge states, adducts and multimers). Comparisons between three or more sample groups are possible via an export to the GeneSpring bioinformatics platform, where a variety of statistical techniques are available for analysis and classification.

Agilent MassHunter Bioconfirmation software is suited for scientists involved in recombinant protein expression, known protein characterisation, or synthetic peptide confirmation. When coupled with the Agilent 6210 Time-of-Flight LC/MS, the software helps to confirm identities and identify variants before expensive testing begins.

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