Plate reader enables rapid buffer optimisation

1st April 2013

Wyatt Technology Corporation has extended the capabilities of its innovative DynaPro Titan Plate Reader system to identify the optimal buffer conditions for protein purification and concentration.

Buffer optimisation is of interest for the drug discovery process as it affects the success of High Throughput Screening and biophysical characterisation studies.

Identifying optimal buffer conditions for protein purification and concentration is time consuming as there are a large number of buffer conditions to be examined. Wyatt’s DynaPro Titan Plate Reader increases throughput, enabling scientists to overcome such problems and effectively characterise the homogeneity of a protein in solution.

The Reader is a stable, automated dynamic light scattering system that achieves superior performance and increased productivity with fewer than 50 microlitres of sample per well (recoverable). This instrument is equipped with industry standard microplates (96, 384 or 1536 well plates). Being non-invasive and filter-free, this new product is particularly easy to use and can be customised to suit all analytical needs. In the 1536 well plate mode, the amount of sample required is less than 5 microlitres.





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