Bioprocessing systems

New Brunswick Scientific has expanded its line of pilot and production-scale bioprocessing systems to include fermentors sized 75 to 3000 litres and cell culture bioreactors to 500 litres.

The BioFlo Pro fermentors and bioreactors are modular in design, offering ready customisation, quick delivery, and the ability to expand system capabilities as needs change. All utilise robust, industry-standard components for dependable operation, and a validatable, GaMP-compliant, programmable-logic controller (PLC) for easy integration into any production facility. These systems feature a compact frame, with open piping for easy access to filters and valves. Flush-mounted vessel connections in hard-to-clean places minimise contamination risk.

Options include SIP/CIP sterile sampling valves, automatic air-flow control, gas overlay, dual inlet air filters and oxygen supplementation.

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