Flexible platform and simple method for sample purification

PickPen magnetic particle technology from Bio-Nobile Oy offers improvements to the conventional magnetic bioseparation.

Moving particles, not liquids allows gentle isolation steps and high quality purified product. The PickPen method also enables a visual control of the process and simple optimisation of purification protocols. The method eliminates strong external magnetic fields and centrifugal forces by collecting the magnetic particles from the sample vessel. This is especially beneficial in the DNA purification applications.

The MagRo 8-M robotic workstation brings the advantage of PickPen technology to automated sample purification. MagRo 8-M fully combines magnetic particle processing and liquid handling and is a rational alternative for low to medium throughput purification needs. MagRo 8-M can be used with varying batch sizes, from tubes or plates, up to 96 samples per run.

Bio-Nobile supplies a complete solution for sample purification by offering PickPen 1-M and PickPen 8-M magnetic tools as well as MagRo 8-M robotic workstation together with a range of QuickPick reagents for nucleic acid and protein purification. QuickPick reagents are available as ready-to-use kits for consistent sample sizes and in scalable and bulk formats for variable sample sizes.

Bio-Nobile Oy is based in Turju, Finland. www.bio-nobile.com

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