Streamlining sample storage for donor organisations and tissue banks

Micronic Europe BV has launched a traceable sample management system for donor organisations and banks looking to streamline the storage of blood, bone, allograft and tissue bank materials.

For tissue, bone, blood and allograft organisations, the integrity and handling of each sample is critical.  Micronic has developed a traceable sample storage system for donor organisations and tissue banks comprising storage tubes, tube screw caps, racks, tube readers and sample management software.

With a two-dimensional code laser encrypted on the tube bottom - the new Micronic 6ml storage tubes enable easy and unambiguous identification and storage of your donor and transplant samples.  The 2D code identifies the sample, its co-ordinates within a storage rack, the particular rack and the location of the rack in your freezer.

Produced in a modern class 7 clean room production facility from ultra pure polypropylene - Micronic 6ml tubes are certified RNase / DNase free and non-toxic, according to the USP class VI test, making them the ideal secure medium for storage of liquid or solid biological samples.  

Micronic 6ml tubes have been designed to be the ideal shape for gripping with a robotic arm thereby enabling simple integration into a high throughput environment.  To ensure high sample integrity, even down to -196°C, Micronic also offers a novel 'single turn' tube screw cap that stays securely in place even during repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

To complete Micronic's optimised storage solution for donor and transplant materials -  an automation-friendly 24-tube storage rack, code tube reader and Track-IT sample storage and management software are available.

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