integrated sample hplc preparation device

1st April 2013

HPLC sample preparation can be a tedious process. Whatman has developed a product called Mini-UniPrep (MUP) that greatly enhances the efficiency of that sample preparation process. MUP combines a mixing/reaction container, filtration device and an auto-sampler vial, all rolled into one.

Mini-UniPrep consists of two parts: a chamber that holds up to 500µl of sample and a plunger that holds the filtration media.

When Mini-UniPrep is used for HPLC analysis, the device by itself must not contribute to extractables that can interfere with the analysis.

For the Mini-UniPrep to be suitable for HPLC analysis, in addition to extractables, solvents stored in it must not evaporate over time thereby, affecting the analysis. For common solvents used with HPLC samples, such as water, acetonitrile, methanol, ethyl acetate and DMSO, the evaporation rate is less than 3percent over 96hours.

Advantages of using Mini-UniPrep include:

* Enhanced lab productivity: Mini-UniPrep prepares sample three times faster.

* Assured filtration: Every time Mini-UniPrep is used sample filtration is assured, minimising operator error.

* Fewer consumables: Mini-UniPrep is one integral device.

Schleicher & Schuell GmbH (Whatman Group) is based in Dassel, Germany.





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