- WEIDMANN Integrates RFID Labels Into Plastics
WEIDMANN has lengthy and vast experience in the development and molding of Labware. High-precision plastic components and systems are tailored to customer needs. Corresponding post-processes such as insertion, bonding, welding, printing, labeling, assembling and packaging are available in-house. Our Quality Management System is based on the ISO 13485 standard. We adhere to cGMP guidelines, and RNase/DNase-free and pyrogenic-free production are available. Our solutions, featuring advanced manufacturing technologies, are highly cost-effective. We are open to any design or manufacturing challenge.

Product identification and ambient condition tracking are becoming more and more important in laboratory automation and diagnostics. Flash drives permit information stored during the life cycle of a product to be easily added to or written over. RFID-inlays can be positioned at any desired location on the product itself, as well as be partially or completely imbedded in plastic, which occurs as part of the injection-molding process.

In the WEIDMANN Overmold Process, the small inlay is completely surrounded by plastic so that the sensitive electronics are protected from mechanical impact under higher-stress conditions, whereas the WEIDMANN Inmold Process has been designed for large-size inlays subjected to less mechanical stress. This latter procedure simply secures the inlay by a back-shot technique.

WEIDMANN is a member of the WICOR-Group.

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