Variable power LED reactor launched

20th April 2018

The Uniqsis PhotoSyn is a new high-power LED light unit enabling scalable flow photochemistry reactions yielding from milligrams to hundreds of grams per day. 

By eliminating the control, scale-up and safety problems associated with traditional batch photochemistry,­ the PhotoSyn enables synthetic chemists to routinely take full advantage of the many benefits offered by photochemistry.

It uses a pair of enclosed LED arrays to concentrate the light inwards onto a central coil reactor. Each array is composed of 360 individual 1W blue (455nm) LEDs, making the unit particularly suitable for photoredox applications. These large format arrays provide sufficient light to facilitate reactions in coil reactors (up to 60ml) allowing work at larger scale. Other LED array formats will be available shortly.

The PhotoSyn is compatible with both the Uniqsis Cold Coil standalone reactor module and the Polar Bear Plus Flow cryogenic flow reactor, which control the coil reactor temperature independently of the lamps. Reactions may be run from 150°C down to sub-ambient temperatures dependent upon the power output required. The variable power supply allows the power output to be adjusted from 10-100% making the unit suitable for both small scale R&D and scale up applications.

All LED lamp units from Uniqsis have independent cooling and are hermetically sealed such that a compressed gas stream or a gentle flow of water can be applied at higher power outputs for additional cooling. 





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