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We offer total solutions through work in a flexible way, providing fast service and never compromising on quality. With our expert knowledge we are your partner, working together on practical solutions.

You will find out that we will go the extra mile to ensure that your production process is running from start till the end.


Ovens are truly the heart of the industrial bakery. That is the reason why in developing our ovens, as VANDERPOL baking Systems, we are putting a lot of emphasis on reliability, security and comfort.


Seeking a standard concept or would you rather have your very own product ideas? With many years of experience we are able to manufacture your optimal waffle oven to meet all your needs and requirements.


Time and time again VANDERPOL Baking Systems has proved be a reliable and innovative partner in the waffle, bread and pastry product sector. Our expert knowledge of custom-made handling systems allows us to support and perfect any production process. In manufacturing all your processing systems, our focus is on three main issues:

    * Rest in the production line
    * Continuity of the production process
    * The largest possible productivity

As your partner in this field we know how to translate your needs and requirements into practical solution

Turn Key Projects


Together with the firm Tromp Bakery Equipment we manufacture fully automated production lines for industrial bakeries all over the world. We have many years of experience in production lines for, among other things:

    *Cupcake production lines
    * Pie production lines
    *Pancake production lines
    *Layercake production lines
    *Swiss rolls production lines
    *Pizza production lines
    *Toast production lines
    *Waffle production lines
    *Syrup wafer production lines


Tromp Bakery Equipment is specialised in dough handling equipment and VANDERPOL Baking Systems is specialised in baking equipment. For more information about Tromp Bakery Equipment ore if you are searching for stand alone dough handling equipment go to
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