Ultra low temperature rack for tissue storage tubes

24th November 2014

Manufactured in a Class 7 cleanroom production facility - the new Micronic 24-2 rack accommodates twenty-four 3.00ml tissue storage tubes in an automation compatible American National Standards Institute/Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (ANSI/SLAS) dimensional footprint.

The design of the new Micronic 24-2 rack ensures minimal deformation due to temperature changes making it suitable for long term use in automated ultra-low temperature tissue storage facilities. The new Micronic 24-2 rack may be autoclaved several times providing cost savings over consumable sample storage products. 

Absolute traceability and reproducibility on the 24-2 rack is ensured through alphanumeric visual location aids and a unique laser engraved barcode on the side of the rack. The open bottom design of the new storage rack facilitates quick defrosting of tissue samples. 

To conserve valuable storage space within freezers or when transporting, Micronic 24-2 racks with covers are stackable. Opening is achieved by simply moving the locker at each end of the cover upwards. All Micronic racks and tubes are manufactured under US Federal Standard 209E Class 7 clean room conditions.

Manufactured from high quality polycarbonate - Micronic 24-2 racks are produced RNase/ DNase and Pyrogen-free.  If required the racks may also be supplied sterile through gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide treatment.





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