Tissue Cytometry powered by TissueGnostics

TissueGnostics is a global leader in next-generation automated tissue cytometry solutions for precision medicine and next generation digital histopathology. 

Next-gen automated tissue cytometers – A fully automated and modular platform
The TissueFAXS scanning systems by TissueGnostics are modular, upgradable and therefore are available in a variety of configurations for whole slide imaging (WSI) in brightfield, fluorescence, multispectral, confocal as well as high-throughput scanning (120 slide loader) modes for IHC & IF processed slides, tissue microarrays (TMAs) as well as cultured cells in well plates. 

The platform is integrated with follow-up quantitative image analysis for contextual tissue cytometry and quantitative pathology and thereby provides a holistic solution. 

From single-cell analysis to contextual tissue cytometry
Quantitative image analysis solutions provided by TissueGnostics are:

  • TissueQuest and HistoQuest: streamlined for rapidly acquiring nuclear segmentation and marker quantification per cell as well as dot detection and basic area measurements 

  • StrataQuest is a fully capable image analysis development platform, which can be used either to create unique analysis pipelines from scratch or predefined and standalone analysis algorithms called StrataQuest Apps. StrataQuest utilizes classical image analysis methods and engines as well as machine learning models and deep learning neural networks. StrataQuest Apps are packaged into simplified user interfaces which are comprised of macros, thereby enabling researchers with little or no experience in image analysis to obtain comprehensive high dimensional data from analyzing their scanned images.

Application examples for TissueGnostics image cytometers
The versatility of the tissue cytometry systems can support multiple cellular and tissue-based applications throughout biomedical sciences, including:

  • Immunophenotyping – determine the immune status of organs/tissues in-situ (tumor biology, autoimmune disorders, allergies, transplantation immunology, etc.)

  • Tumor & Cellular Microenvironment – perform phenotypic and functional characterization of cellular sub-populations in spatial context

  • Identification of single cells – even in dense tissue, such as lymphatic organs through Deep Learning based nuclei segmentation 

  • Automated classification of tissue structures – classify tissue structures through Machine Learning into any number of classes per sample

  • Multiplexing and spectral unmixing -perform high-plex assays on histological sections with single-cell precision

  • Structural analysis and subcellular localization

  • Single-cell molecular profiling – Antibody labeling, FISH, CISH, RNA-ISH, expansion microscopy – virtually any staining technique that can be visualized by optical microscopy

  • Quantification of cellular pathogens – including intracellular parasites (e.g. leishmania) and viral load (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, HIV, Zika)

  • Panoramic imaging and quantitative histopathology – experience fully integrated panoramic imaging of slides (even oversized slides) and whole slide quantitative analysis.

TissueGnostics aims to bring phenotypical and functional analysis as known from the flow cytometry extension fluorescence-activated single-cell sorting (FACS) into tissue context. All TissueGnostics software can be used standalone and is fully compatible with images produced by most scanning systems. 


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