Steam-in-place stability

FlowSmart precision engineered PolyClamp EPDM gaskets from Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group retain their geometric stability even after repeat steam-in-place (SIP) cycles. Formulated for SIP stability in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, FlowSmart's innovative functionality ensures that the gaskets do not compromise critical high-purity processes and, importantly, do not trap bacteria – a trait common in other types of EPDM gaskets due to deformation.

By contrast, conventional EPDM gaskets lose dimensional stability and become susceptible to deformation during the SIP process. As a result, cleanability is compromised and the process becomes vulnerable to the entrapment of bacteria.

The PolyClamp gaskets also overcome the issue of stickiness, which can be problematic when using EPDM gaskets after a number of SIP cycles have been performed, as the gasket can adhere to the ferrule faces. In contrast, FlowSmart¹s EPDM material ensures clean, intact removal with no trace of the elastomer material finding its way into the process fluid.
Designed in accordance with ASME-BPE standards, PolyClamp EPDM gaskets are USP Class VI certified and are available in 10 size options and in eight flanged size options. A perfect match with Watson-Marlow's ASEPCO Weirless Radial diaphragm valves, all FlowSmart products are backed by the extensive global sales and customer support network.


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