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- Isolation Technology using Flexible Film

When you need to protect your staff from hazardous dusts, biological agents or other laboratory hazards Solo’s range of flexible film containment systems provide a fast, reliable “barrier isolation”  solution that exceeds the performance standards of fume hoods and LEV technology.

Unlike conventional airflow containment such as laboratory exhaust hoods or fume cupboards, Solo’s flexible film isolator provide both dermal and respiratory protection from hazardous agents by physical separation of the hazard from the laboratory staff using thin wall flexible film technology. 

Many of Solo’s isolation units are designed to operate at negative air pressure and use a multi stage HEPA filtration system to create a safe airflow cascade. In terms of operator protection performance Solo’s systems have been independently tested and deliver outstanding containment performance equivalent to low ng/M³ standards.(See website for containment performance data)                                             

As the incidence of highly hazardous materials in laboratory operations is increasing year by year the generally recognised rule for adopting barrier isolation containment as opposed to airflow protection is taken as:

- All materials with OEL<30ng/m3 must be handled in isolators  ( OEL  Occupational Exposure Limit)

- For mass >100 mg and OEL<500ng/m3 isolators are required

A major advantage of flexible film containment technology is the complete protection of lab coats and gowning from any  hazardous dust contamination.
Solo’s isolators are available as economical bench top units or may be customised to suit specific equipment interfaces such as lyophilisers, drying ovens, jet mills or simply powder weighing  enclosures.

For materials sensitive to Oxygen or humidity Solo’s isolators may be operated with inert gas saturation at positive or negative pressures and may be adapted for aseptic operations such as pharmacy or fill/finish applications. For further details click on the links below:

Laboratory Bench Top :

Small Operations Bench Top :

API Processing :

Low Oxygen Content / Low Humidity:

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