Simplifying lab routines

Today's daily laboratory routine in the life science sector is characterised by time, cost and efficiency pressures. With its new thermal cycler management software, Biometra TSuite, Analytik Jena is launching a tool to easily operate and monitor the company's own thermal cycler series from one point.

Biometra TSuite is a convenient, user-friendly software that offers a wide range of functions. It provides quick access for direct operation of individual thermal cyclers in a network, as well as access to detailed device information, programs, documentation files and much more. The integrity and security of the data and data transmissions are, of course, also guaranteed. The combination of symbols, colour coding and thematically arranged information within the tool allows for easy and rapid collection of extensive data. This enables quick familiarity with the software – no extensive training is required, resulting in increased operating flexibility for laboratory personnel.
Up to 1,000 devices can be managed by Biometra TSuite, so there is no real limit to the number of devices that can be integrated, even across floors. This results in significant time savings and maximum convenience when operating the thermal cyclers, as well as reliable and clear documentation of log files.

The software is compatible with the latest Biometra TOne, Biometra TAdvanced, Biometra TRIO and Biometra TRobot II models.
All Analytik Jena thermal cyclers use unique PCR technology to ensure reliable and accurate PCR results.

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