Simple synchronisation of cameras to transient events

The SIMX Ultra High-Speed Framing Camera from Specialised Imaging offers the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers across all disciplines.

Often in ultra high-speed imaging, it is difficult to synchronise your camera to the event that you are trying to record and analyse. Using the very flexible multiple triggering capability of SIM cameras you can actually capture frames prior to the trigger.

In this way SIM Ultra Fast Framing Cameras take the 'black magic' out of synchronising camera and event allowing you to spend more time on capturing research data rather than setting up your experiment. The proprietary optical design of the SIMX camera offers up to 16 images without compromising shading, or parallax.

High resolution intensified CCD sensors controlled by state-of-the-art electronics provide almost infinite control over gain and exposure to allow researchers the flexibility to capture even the most difficult phenomena.

Full remote control using Ethernet is offered as standard, either the integral viewfinder or a laptop computer can be used for local focus.

Comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control, and a wide range of output signals, coupled with a custom software package that includes full measurement and image enhancement functions simplifies image capture.

SIMX cameras can be configured to give up to 16 different multi-spectral images with an R G and B filter on each channel. In this configuration it is possible to take 10 colour images and 2 monochrome. Capable of capturing up to 16 images at 1 billion frames per second, the Specialised Imaging SIMX ultra high-speed framing camera is able to capture visual data from even the most fleeting of phenomena. Unique technology enables SIM ultra high-speed framing cameras to simultaneously capture images on different selected channels.

Widely used in applications, including biomedical research, medical testing, the SIM family of Ultra Fast Framing Cameras from Specialised Imaging are proven to offer the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance. 

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