Silent recapper for high DNA sample throughput

RadboudUMC has reported on its effective use of the Micronic Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR096 to securely seal its DNA samples.

The Central Genome Analysis Laboratory (CGAL) at the Human Genetics Department – Genome Diagnostics conducts research on the relation between genes and diseases.

Using advanced analysing techniques, the CGAL provides high quality and up-to-date prenatal and postnatal diagnostics of genetic disorders for patients and their families.

The Genome Analysis Laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies to perform various types of diagnostic services. The entire Genome Diagnostics division performs over 25.000 tests each year. By offering the CGAL a timesaving recapping solution, Micronic experts help them advance their important and meaningful research.

The Micronic Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR096 is suited to make the work in the laboratory faster and easier.

The Recapper is able to cap, decap or recap 96 tubes in a single action, and decaps Screw Caps from a full 96-tube storage rack in less than 30 seconds. Through the graphical touch screen interface the operator is able to select any rack to cap, decap or recap without using different adapters for different tube sizes.

The Screw Cap Recapper uses a precisely determined torque value for optimal sealing quality thereby minimising sample evaporation and maximising the integrity of samples. Mr Rikken would recommend the Micronic Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR096 to other labs.

The Screw Cap Recapper SR096 is also compatible for use with other brands of tubes and caps. This means that it is possible to use sample storage tubes or caps from another brand, and still benefit from the wide range of qualities the Recapper SR096 features.

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