Save time while protecting sample integrity

Hamilton Storage introduces the LabElite® DeFroster for automated removal of frost that may form on tube racks while in frozen storage. In this hands-free format, a single rack is automatically drawn into one end of the unit where mechanical brushes and a liquid solvent effectively remove frost in under 10 seconds before sending it out the opposite end. The DeFroster greatly reduces time and effort spent on the repetitive and labor-intensive process of manually removing frost.
Accumulation of frost on labware may cause picking issues with cold storage automation, or render barcodes on the racks or bottoms of tubes illegible by barcode scanners or cameras. The rapid operation of the DeFroster protects overall sample integrity by eliminating the risk of mishandling or misplacing tubes. Additionally, the use of the DeFroster’s liquid solvent can also reduce future frost from forming.
Effortless switching between electrical and battery power allows the DeFroster to be operational on a mobile cart for maximum convenience. A user-friendly touchscreen displays key performance metrics such as solvent level, a rack counter, and more. The compact and standalone DeFroster is compatible with ANSI/SLAS compliant racks containing tube types up to 90 millimeters high.
“We are extremely excited to bring this innovative new product to market,” said Matthew Hamilton, President of Hamilton Storage. “We know that it will have a positive effect on the research community by maximizing efficiency in the lab while protecting the quality of the samples during handling.”
The DeFroster will debut at SLAS 2020 in San Diego and will be available for delivery in June of this year.

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