Riva Europe Ltd
- Riva are a market leading manufacturer of Small Scale Tablet Presses

Research & Development, Small Scale and Pilot Scale Tablet Presses.

Supplier and Service provider of Riva tablet presses to the Pharmaceutical sector of Manufacturing, Research and Development and Teaching  Universities throughout Europe.  Supporting the Food and Pharmaceutical Research Industry, International Laboratory Services is a market leader of contract laboratory food and pharmaceutical testing services in the UK.

Riva are internationally recognised as a main manufacturer of Small Scale Tablet Presses with over 50 years experience in this part of the Pharmaceutical sector.

The Riva range of tablet presses over the years has evolved and been developed jointly with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers with many Special One Off Applications.

Riva has employed the Continual Improvement in Technology to provide fully automated and controlled Software & Hardware even on their R&D presses to replicate all of the functions on Large Scale Production tablet press.

Riva also provide tablet press versions for High Level Containment applications up to OEL5.

Riva Tablet Presses are:

* Easy and Simple to operate
* High Quality
* Robust
* Cost Effective
* GMP Compliant

Riva Software is:

* 21 CFR Part II Compliant
* Network Capability

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Riva Piccola Classic Rotary Tablet Press with all manual controls
Riva Minipress Single Station Tablet Press in an isolator
Riva Piccola WIP Rotary Tablet Press inside an isolator
Riva Compact Nova Rotary Tablet Press Mono Layer and Bi-layer versions with Interchangeable Turret