Riding the wave of precision medicine

Creative Biolabs has announced initiatives in response to the surging demand for precision medicine.

The prestigious Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2023 has once again highlighted the critical role that precision medicine plays in conquering health crises facing the entire human community. Creative Biolabs offers a range of solutions for novel antibody discovery and development.

The company is an expert in applying advanced antibody phage display library to produce highly specific and affinity-matured monoclonal antibodies for the development of targeted therapeutics against diverse diseases.

Its premade phage display peptide libraries serve as a valuable resource for researchers exploring novel drug candidates and requiring multiple peptides with varied lengths and properties. Some of its linear peptide libraries have been well received by the industry, and the randomly picked clones have all passed QC DNA sequencing verification.

  • TriCo-16 Phage Display Peptide Library
  • TriCo-20 Phage Display Peptide Library
  • TriCo-C9 Phage Display Peptide Library

Additionally, the firm has recruited next-generation sequencing for antibody analytical research and has introduced de novo antibody sequencing that integrates the database assisted shotgun sequencing technology to conduct a thorough analysis of antibody sequence, guaranteeing to achieve 100% accuracy by precisely distinguishing between leucine and isoleucine.

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