Remote sample management

Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols, the new DP5 Network rack decoding software from Ziath can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone or any other network connected device.

Users can plug all of their tube rack readers and scanners into their LAN directly and run them from a PC in their office or somewhere else in the building. This flexibility enables users to have their reader/scanner conveniently near the freezers or compound stores and the results on their desktop or phone.

DP5 Network is fast and secure. It allows users to export tube positions and barcodes in many formats, including JSON, XLS, CSV, Text, PDF, PNG and Python, and send the data in an email to a colleague or desktop PC.

Although any camera-based reader can be upgraded to run DP5 Standard software, only Ziath DataPaq Express and DataPaq Mirage 2D-barcode rack readers can be currently supplied with LAN adaptors and  RJ45 connectors to run the new DP5 Network software.

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