Recording of high-contrast samples

25th April 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

The PROGRES GRYPHAX ARKTUR and NAOS cameras are set to be the latest additions to Jenoptik's USB 3.0 product range. A further three cameras for scientific applications will complete the series at the end of the year.

By using the latest technology in the new camera models in the PROGRES GRYPHAX series, Jenoptik is setting new benchmarks for routine microscopy. With a high light yield and wide dynamic range, the microscopic universe can be explored at a very low noise level on highresolution monitors with Jenoptik picture quality.

The USB 3.0 interface ensures that live images are presented at video speed, and that users can experience the microscope's performance capabilities on the monitor without delay. Positioning samples and focusing on them are now even faster processes. The wide range of applications includes medical usage, quality and material controls and forensics.

Images can be captured with a resolution of between two and eight megapixels (MPix) using the new PROGRES GRYPHAX ARKTUR. With 30 frames per second (FPS), the live image display on 4k monitors is without delay, with maximum reliability and convenience for the display provided thanks to the high image quality, eg for teleconferences.

The PROGRES GRYPHAX NAOS is designed specifically for the recording of high-contrast samples with its dynamic range of over 70 decibels (dB). Further benefits of this microscope camera include resolutions of up to 20 MPix on a one-inch chip.

The operating software included is tailored precisely to the requirements and workflows of the user. The software is intuitive and time efficient in both its installation and use. Useful elements  including the panorama, Z-stacking and multi-fluorescence tools extend the areas of application.

The software can be installed quickly and is operated in the same way on operating systems such as Macintosh, Windows and Linux OS. This gives users maximum flexibility when it comes to upgrading their microscopes. All PROGRES GRYPHAX microscope cameras are available now. 





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