Polymer kit enables IHC staining of two target antigens in one protocol

6th October 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Human tonsil (paraffin section) stained for CD3 (DAB, brown) and AE1/AE3 cytokeratin (red) using ImmPRESS Duet Kit MP-7714

Vector Laboratories introduces the ImmPRESS Duet Double-Staining Polymer Kit for immunohistochemistry.

The new kit delivers all the advantages of polymer stains including low background staining, high signal intensity and the elimination of off-target binding.

The kit enables fast, well-defined localisation and visualisation of two different target antigens on the same tissue section.

ImmPRESS Duet combines highly active horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme polymers, conjugated to anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibodies to produce a ready-to-use HRP/AP formulation.



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