Polymer Char

Innovative Solutions for Polyolefin Characterization

Polymer Char is completely dedicated to the development of modern instrumentation for the characterization of polyolefins. The company has the broadest range of instruments and analytical services in this area. The range of equipments derives from targeted needs that have been identified as the most demanded among all levels of users in the laboratories. From this, Polymer Char has a commitment to seek continuous improvement and innovation to develop high-quality solutions. 

For the area of Molar Mass Distribution, the company offers GPC-IR®, a highly innovative and reliable high temperature GPC/SEC that is the only one to fully automate sample preparation and deliver Composition signals in addition to Concentration. It incorporates triple detection for the most comprehensive characterization of polymers. It is coupled with GPC One, an advanced calculations software that processes all detectors’ signals in a single platform.  

Covering Chemical Composition Distribution, there are CRYSTAF, TREF, a combination of both: CRYSTAF-TREF, and a high-throughput CEF. All fully-automated instruments based on classic techniques that provide a broad structural database to improve catalyst know-how and allows new resin designs. A recent addition to this group is TGIC, a technique that extends the range of polymers to be analyzed to the elastomers region.

When MMD and CCD performed separately are not enough to define the structure of a resin, there are two Bidimensional Techniques that deliver MM-CC interdependence: CFC, an automated and benchtop cross-fractionation instrument to analyze the bivariate distribution in Polyolefins through TREF + GPC; and SGIC 2D, especially suitable for low-crystallinity samples. To address Soluble Fraction Measurement, a test commonly known as ‘xylene solubles’, Polymer Char offers two solutions. CRYSTEX®, oriented to research laboratories. And most recently, CRYSTEX® QC was developed as a tool to substitute the traditional gravimetric method used in Quality Control in polypropylene plants. This fully-automated solution presents significant improvements in costs, time, depth of information, and precision.   

Complementary to the instruments, there are two Preparative Fractionation equipments. PREP mc2 performs semi-preparative fractionation of polymers according to Composition (TREF / CRYSTAF) or Molar Mass; and PREP C20 is a new column-based instrument capable of fractionating up to 20 grams of polymer according to TREF. All the instrumentation is particularly unique in the industry because it incorporates Infrared detection in two versions (IR4 and IR5 MCT), which has been demonstrated to be the best-suited that for these applications.

Currently, the company provides analytical services to 35 countries and has instruments installed in over 20 across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, serving mainly to Polymer Producers and Processors, Government and Academic Research Laboratories, Contract Research Organizations, Analytical and Testing Laboratories and Chemical Instrumentation Manufacturers.

Polymer Char is also well known for its advanced approach to virtual instrumentation software, which together with excellent remote control capabilities and strong commitment to customer success, places the company at the leading edge of instrumentation diagnostics and technical support.


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